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Professional Business Branding Television, Radio or Telephone On-Hold; Johns voice can represent your business

Have John represent your business


Did you know that 70% of business calls are put on hold for an average time of 55 seconds (for companies with more than 2 lines). What are your customers experiencing?

The average business has a marketing budget enticing customers to call, yet barely anything is spent on preventing people from abandoning their calls while awaiting a response.

Interesting Fact: 30% of callers who hang up during their initial call will never call you back.

You can make this a better experience for your potential customers whilst maximizing your branding & marketing potential. Improve user experience and reduce the loss of clientele due to premature hang-ups with a professionally recorded message, made specifically for you & your business.

John has carved out a niche as one of Australia’s most experienced Voice over Artists. From radio commercials through to on-hold messaging for your phone system, Johns’ professionalism & signature tones ensure your business has the professional branding your clients expect.

Interesting Fact: Images go into your long term memory, whereas words live in your short term memory. This makes it ideal for promoting your business whilst you have callers on hold.

John will liaise with you, write the script and record the copy for your approval. The hardest thing you have to do is send him a message requesting him to contact you. Simple. Contact John now & someone will be in touch with you.

John's On-Hold Examples

Australia’s Own – John Deeks

With over 40 years media experience within Radio & TV; ensure your business has the best representation.

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